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Providing rescue, treatment, foster care and rehabilitation for sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife in North East Victoria

Please help us help our wildlife


'Along life’s journey, one has the opportunity to fulfill an act of service which inevitably reaps humbling experiences in exchange for compassion,

kindness and intention'






Eastern Grey Kangaroo

While we do everything we can to rehabilitate these dear little souls, sometimes their Mumma needs them more than we do.

Minke, you filled our hearts with pure joy. You taught us the importance of valuing each and every moment. You gave us the opportunity to heal our hearts through deepening the love within ourselves. Most of all, you reminded us how precious life really is...priceless.



Bare-nosed Wombat

NINA NINA (the little ballerina)

A tiny girl with a huge heart. Thank you to our local Alpine Ranger (Nina) and our council workers for checking the pouch of her deceased mum.



Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Violet was found in the pouch of her mother on the roadside. We don't know much else about her, except that she is a very loving and confident little miss. she is thriving and loves to hop around the yard. She has recently gone  to be with her new mob getting ready for the day that she becomes a big girl and goes back to nature.

Short-term Vision


Proudly translating to 'lovely vision', ROWA offers a unique, networked approach to wildlife conservation and protection. Playing a vital role in the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release of local wildlife, ROWA strives to deliver current best practice in addition to working collaboratively with Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter located in Yackandandah to ensure animals in care are taken through to full term - to return to their natural habitat.

  • Fulfilling the entire process of animal rescue, care and rehabilitation; from rescue to release.

  • Expanding ROWA's nursery, ensuring young animals are receiving the highest quality care.

  • Establishing ROWA's volunteer program at ROWA's shelter.

  • Purchasing a block of land with shelter facilities to enable full-term release for all animals ROWA's care.

  • Full-time supervisors on ROWA's soft release facility

  • To service North-East Victoria with 24/7 rescue and care.

Our Mission

  • Provide rescue, treatment, foster care and rehabilitation for sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife within the Alpine Shire and North-East Victoria.

  • Coordinate the roles of ROWA rescuers, local vets, carers and ROWA's Shelter; providing effectiveness and efficiency, especially in emergencies.

  • Expand a network of ROWA wildlife foster carers to service local communities and surrounding regions.

  • Provide wildlife conservation and animal welfare education and interpretation for the local community and tourists, to foster respect for wildlife and encourage action for its protection.

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Reach Out Wildlife Australia is a registered charity and is proudly supported and sponsored by
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