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Our Story

Nestled within the picturesque Alpine Valley, local wildlife carer Danni Townsend O’Neil and animal lover Emili Rackemann are on the path towards creating a new dimension within the Australian wildlife collective, a journey that is not only a valuable act of service to local community, but also an organisation dedicated to reigniting our traditional Australian spirit through wildlife rescue, care and rehabilitation.

Reach Out Wildlife Australia (ROWA) not only stems from two women and a team who have a passion for animals with diverse rural and creative backgrounds, it also reflects Co-founders Danni and Emili's passion to think outside the square, offering their creative talents as a means to nurture the human heart and mind through the power of music and art, which they believe will be a unique addition towards fostering the human-wildlife connection within local and surrounding communities.


While Victoria has experienced the economic and mental strain of Covid-19 restrictions since the charity was formed, the team, all of which is voluntary-based, soldiered on. Late nights and broken sleep is the norm for Danni as she feeds her little tribe in preparation for their release; and while the animals are regaining strength,  Emili is behind the desk managing all things administrative and business.


As the team continues to fulfill ROWA's vision, Danni is currently operating as operations manager and head rescuer and carer, servicing the Alpine Shire and surrounding regions from ROWA's facilities located in Myrtleford, Victoria. With the additional support from Kangaloola and ROWA rescuer Chris Lehmann, ROWA Rescue has attended to over 300 rescues since September, 2020 and continues to provide a 24/7 rescue service covering North-East Victoria.

Thanks to the support of WWF-Australia, ROWA's nursery facilities have now expanded, although to increase our capacity of animals in care we need your support. If you would like to participate in our volunteer program, we would love to hear from you!

 In the meantime, our team will be doing everything possible to offer our local and surrounding wildlife a helping hand, even when times are good!

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