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Nestled within the picturesque Alpine Valley, local wildlife foster carer Danni Townsend O’Neil and animal lover and concert pianist Emili Rackemann are on the path towards creating a new dimension within the Australian wildlife collective, a journey that will not only be a valuable act of service to our local community and surrounding wildlife, but also a space dedicated to reigniting our traditional Australian spirit through wildlife foster care, education and the creative arts, one of many driving forces behind raising funds to supply and support our dedicated wildlife carers.


Reach Out Wildlife Australia (ROWA) not only stems from two women who have a passion for animals and a diverse rural background, it also reflects their passion to think outside the square, offering their creative talents as a means to nurture the human heart and mind through the power of music and art, which they believe is a large component in bringing forth harmony and well-being within the self and local communities.


While ROWA is the first non-profit organisation for wildlife within the Alpine Shire, its future community hub will equally offer a harmonious and creative space, inspiring and connecting community members and tourists, while also being a space for wildlife carers to feel supported, visitors to reflect and musicians and public speakers to share their creativity and knowledge with the public.


So one may ask, where to from here? While Victoria is currently in the midst of uncertain times, the girls have soldiered on at all odds. Late nights and broken sleep is the norm for Danni as she feeds her little tribe in preparation for their release into the wild; and while the little beings are regaining their strength, Danni, Emili and the team are under constant collaboration online; building ideas and conversing with qualified industry folk who are nothing short of excited and supportive of ROWA's unique concept.

While ROWA awaits its official opening in summer of 2021, Danni is currently operating as ROWA's foster carer under the guidance and mentorship of Sue Haythorn from Beechworth Wildlife Rescue, and will be servicing the Alpine Shire and surroundings from ROWA's facilities located in Myrtleford, Victoria. As the months progress, ROWA looks forward to offering surrounding communities an opportunity to journey into the world of wildlife, creativity and connection.


Reach Out Wildlife Australia's long-term mission is to expand into a fully established wildlife shelter and community hub, offering an all encompassing experience for both the well-being of the human spirit as well as nurturing of injured wildlife.


If you would like to contribute to our vision, we would love to hear from you!

 In the meantime, ROWA's team will be doing everything possible to offer our local and surrounding wildlife and conservation a helping hand, even when times are good!


Reach Out Wildlife Australia is currently raising funds to open our new Wildlife Shelter and Community Hub. Please support our vision!




10 Tarrengower Court, Myrtleford, VIC 3737


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