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ROWA wildlife rescue operates 24hrs, 7 days a week

If you find injured or deceased wildlife please call ROWA's rescue and care team,
Danni on 0405 193 807 or Chris on 0434 479 459.


ROWA strongly encourages the general public to check all injured or deceased wildlife. If female, they are more than likely to have a joey in the pouch that requires emergency care.
If you are unsure how to check a pouch safely, please call us on the above contact details for guidance.
Removal of a joey is different for all wildlife and all stages for growth; removing a young joey from a pouch  attached to the teat is a delicate process therefore please reach out for support.



Welcome to ROWA wildlife Rescue team. We have all been in despair when witnessing these injured beings on our roads, although rest assured you have come to the right place!


Please remember to stop and check our beloved wildlife. If unsure what to do, please call us and we'll guide you through the steps until we can reach the dear little souls.


Although ROWA specializes in taking care of macropods, wombats, kangaroos and possums, all animals are equal in our eyes. We are also affiliated with other carers and nearby shelters who can lend a hand when ROWA is at full capacity.

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