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Thank you for reaching out to ROWA. Our small although dedicated team welcomes your enquiries. Please understand we may at times not be able to answer your call straight away, although rest assured we will contact you within 24 hours.


ROWA Wildlife Rescue

If you have an enquiry relating to injured wildlife or general wildlife concerns within North-East Victoria, please contact ROWA's foster carer and wildlife rescuers below.


Danni Townsend O'Neil: 0405 193 807 

Wildlife Carer Assistance

For carers who are in need of advise regarding the treatment and wellbeing of macropods and wombats during care, ROWA and Kangaloola's wildlife carer Chris Lehmann is available for general advise on: 0434 479 459.

ROWA Carer Support

ROWA understands how trialing wildlife caring can be, even during the best of times. With this in mind, ROWA's team are always available for a chat. Don't do it alone. Know 'it's ok' to lean on others as we're all part of the journey. For carers who need mental health advise, please seek professional support.

For general business enquiries other than rescue or rehabilitation, please call Emili Rackemann on: 0402 509 873.

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