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Furry Friends at ROWA

JUNE Eastern Grey Kangaroo Poor little June, her mother was being chased down by a dog so she threw her joey to safety, sadly she never came back. She has settled in beautifully to ROWA's shelter.

Amy Eastern Grey Kangaroo Poor little Amy and her mother were hit by a car. Her mother died on impact, but little Amy had a broken leg. She stayed safe and warm in our and was given lost of love, but sadly a few days later she passed away due to internal injuries from the accident.

GRACE Swamp Wallaby Little Grace was handed over to us by a lovely family who noticed that the joey's mother had slipped from a high embankment and passed away, inside was this beautiful little girl.

YOGI BEAR Bare-nosed wombat Slowly he is gaining his confidence, baby steps for this little boy. Another road accident.

WILLOWBY Swamp Wallaby This little sweetheart was handed in to a pub one night by tourists that hit her mother and had the heart to check the pouch.

NINA NINA (the little ballerina) Bare-nosed wombat A tiny girl with a huge heart. Thank you to our local Alpine Ranger (Nina) and our council workers for checking the pouch of her deceased mum.

Iggy Bear

IGGY BEAR Bare-nosed Wombat ​ Found all alone, wondering aimlessly in a paddock full of cows, Little Bear was petrified and exhausted, covered in scratches tics & bites. The little pink pads on his hands and feet were worn and dirty.  Mum was no where to be found. Sadly Bear is now an orphan, although his  journey is far from over. With the assistance of ROWA's foster care program, Iggy will be well cared for until his release.

PETER PARKER Ringtale Possum Meet Peter Parker, a dear little Ringtail possum. Peter weighed only 65gr  when  he came into our care, he was also  found on the ground all alone. We're happy to see his little face light up when he is with MJ!

VIOLET Eastern Grey Kangaroo ​ Violet was found in the pouch of her mother on the roadside. We don't know much else about her, except that she is a very loving and confident little miss. she is thriving and loves to hop around the yard. She has recently gone  to be with her new mob getting ready for the day that she becomes a big girl and goes back to nature.

BARBARA STRIESAND (Babs) Bare-nosed Wombat This beautiful little girl was found tucked tight in the pouch of her deceased mother. Sadly, months later, we found out she was born with a type of renal failure that was irreversible and she had to be put to sleep. RIP beautiful girl xx

MJ Ringtale Possum This is MJ, a close friend of Peter Parker (below). MJ weighed 95gr when she arrived, she was found all alone at the bottom of a tree, unfortunately her mother was missing. MJ has been an absolutely delight to the ROWA tribe. Full of curiousity, she is quite the little miss!

PATSY CLINE Eastern Grey Kangaroo ​ We don't know much about Patsy, but what we do know about her is that she was a victim of road trauma and lost her mummy. She is very gentle and often likes to hide and cover her eyes so she thinks no one can see her.

Skippy Eastern Grey Kangaroo

SKIPPY Eastern Grey Kangaroo ​ This little guy was found out of his pouch. Sometimes the mothers throw the babies if they fear danger or threatened by a predator they actually throw their babies out of their pouches to help protect themselves or older at foot joeys.


BETTY Bare-nosed Wombat ​ This cheeky little girl was found wondering on the road by a passer by. She was covered in ticks, sores and bite wounds. She is doing beautifully and her good friend is Iggy Bear.

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